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Terence Raft

Creative: Profile 

I'm a self-titled Creative Engineer / Digital Experience Designer with over 20 years of digital marketing experience both locally and internationally. Creative problem-solving, through strategically sound, progressive ideas that not only meet a clients desired objectives but exceeds them. I consistently deliver creative work of the highest possible standard without compromise!

The difference between humans and animals: An animal does not require 'money' to prosper!

Creative: Focus 

Graphic + Digital Design
Strategic Concept Generation
B2B & B2C Brand Communication
Digital Brand Transformation 
Corporate Identity + Brand System Architecture 
Digital Interaction Design (UX + UI)
Interaction Design (VR + AR)
Software User Process Solutions
Integrated Campaign Concept Generation Design

The 'Beast' we call digital

Over the last 20 years, much of my focus has not only been on the evolution of design but the consistently evolving beast that it is digital.

In a time before... we were people, now we are users.

Personally the greatest change we have undergone is the unstoppable growth of Social Media. Social Media has single-handedly redefined the fundamental meaning of ‘friends’. The once lengthy process of continued interaction to acquire friends has been reduced to a single tap on a screen to get new friends and a tap to block old ones. Companies that have the willingness to invest in our digital future identify new growth opportunities in the present.

In the works

LuCENTINAL: Coming soon.