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ยท #SlowSlammer 1.0

Phillip Morris - Qlub95

Mazda SA: Web Design

Thinking: A user won't visit the site to view the site but to experience the brand and potentially purchase a vehicle.
Solution - Minimise the UI and maximise the UX

Mazda SA: VR Test Drive

Thinking: With all the lockdown restrictions Mazda dealerships experienced a dramatic drop in sales due to customers not being able to physically visit dealerships to test drive new vehicles.
Solution - Unlock lockdown, virtually. Proactively, we proposed a VR solution that would give customes the 'test drive' experience while remaining in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Grey: Agency Credentials

Brand Design: Glo Hygiene

LuCENTINAL: Brand Design

LuCENTINAL: Software Interface Design

Orobo: Brand Design

Orobo: App UX & UI Design

Orobo: Web Design